Shipping & Delivery

For the welfare of our Siberian kittens, we do NOT allow our kittens to go to their new homes until a minimum of 8 weeks old. In rare cases, we may keep the kittens until 9 or 10 weeks if we feel they are not ready for their new home yet. We will only ship a kitten according to how the kitten is developing. We want you to receive an extremely happy and without any health issues Siberian kitten. Our vet will have the final say as to when the Siberian kitten is ready to travel.

Shipping and air delivery are available upon request. If you live far away and are not willing to pick your kitten up, we can safely ship your kitten via airplane. Your Siberian will be delivered (shipped) on an agreed date, once the full purchase price is paid. Our Siberian kittens may be shipped Nationwide. The shipping fee may vary depending on location and is additional to the price of the kitten. Other fees may be incurred depending on shipping arrangements made. All costs will be determined at the time of adoption.

With our experience in shipping our Siberian kittens, we know for a fact that all kittens are always well taken care of, upon transportation to their new owners. We have only had a couple of incidences where some of our kittens had delayed flights or had some minor problems due to a long flight. Measures have been taken to ensure our Siberian kittens are transported in the best and most favorable conditions so they get to their new owners in a perfect health state.

For delivery, Siberi Cat Siberians uses the safest method to unite you with your new Siberian. Our staff consists of Kitten Nannies, which will fly to wherever you may reside domestically within the United States and Canada.

There is three methods to get your new pet (family member) home.


You are more than welcome to drive here and pick up your kitten or meet us at a designated location within a 120-mile radius of our home.

By Car – You are always welcome to drive to our home and pick up your new Siberian after making the reservation deposit or complete purchase. We actually prefer when you can personally pick up your kitten whether you travel by car or airline. But we also understand that this is not always possible.

By Airlines – If you wish to fly to pick up your Siberian we can meet you at the ticket counter with your new kitten after making the reservation deposit or complete purchase. We can also pick you up at the airport and bring you to our home to pick up your kitten. For those of you with frequent flyer miles, this might be the least expensive way to pick up your kitten. The airlines will charge a small extra fee for this service.


We have shipped many of our kittens nationwide to all U.S destinations And Internationally via Approved Pets Transport airlines and are very pleased with the service and care that the kittens have received. Shipping charges vary depending upon location. We use a number of different airlines but be aware that only certain airlines (Domestic only), will ship flat-faced cats during the summer months. The minimum cost of shipping our Siberian kittens via air depends on where you are located and there is also a Home Delivery (kitten is transported and delivered to your doorstep at your home address) which is available. That is, the kitten is then driven from the airport and delivered to your home/delivery address.

Shipping costs include airfare, the kitten’s shipping crate (pet taxi), vet health certificate, and a kitten care packet. The packet includes a bag of kitten food that he/she is accustomed to and kitten care information.


Kitten Nannies are our specially trained handlers with flight attendant experience that will travel with your new Siberian pet to make sure the cat’s needs are met. Plus, the Kitten Nannies from Kitty Spty Ltd will personally meet and hand-deliver the cat to its new family. Trust our proven track record, and our caring Kitten Nannies, to deliver your new Siberian addition anywhere you are located.

Our Flight Nannies work for the delivery company and can only fly with their company on standby, meaning that they do not decide the day or time your baby will be delivered. Their scheduled flight can change AT ANY TIME, and can only fly to certain airports. Due to these conditions, you are responsible for having someone available to pick up your baby at the airport on any day at any time. Should you be late to pick up your baby, the Nanny may have to return, with the kitten, at your expense. They CANNOT miss their return flights, and there will be no refunds. Should you be late to pick up your baby, the Nanny may have to return, with the kitten, at your expense. They CANNOT miss their return flights, and there will be no refunds.

By selecting this delivery option, you are agreeing with this policy.

Once we confirmed payment from clients, we will process all necessary documents within 24 hours max and then register your Siberian for transportation to an airport location nearest to them where the cat will be picked up. The day of transportation and delivery will depend primarily on flight availability. After successful registration of the kitten for transportation, you will be contacted and provided with the transport date, time of arrival at the airport, meeting location for pick up and Tracking Details (tracking code).

The kitten could also be delivered to the receiver’s (new owner) doorstep from the airport. A car service is offered from the airport for delivery to your home (Home Delivery). There is an additional fee for this service.

Your kitten’s flight to your location is guaranteed. The kitten will be transported and delivered with the best of care and attention offered by our pet delivery experts and Kitten nanny. They will make sure your Siberian gets the most favorable transportation conditions and treatment so the cat gets to you (new owner) in a perfect health state.