What people say about us and about our beautiful kittens!

Our Siberian Kittens have been with us for 9 years. My daughter has known them since she was a child. Recently, we acquired a sphynx kitten. My daughter has a sphynx allergy. Because she has only been around Siberians, she had no idea she was allergic to cats! But we are happy we bought a Siberian kitten from Kitty Spty Ltd.

Elizabeth Jake / Satisfied CUstomer

Getting a new cat from someone you’ve never met might be frightening and risky. I reside in Ohio, and in December, I bought Nelly, a beautiful cat from Kitty Spty. Despite the fact that we were separated by thousands of miles, Kitty Spty Ltd made me feel quite at ease and safe about my purchase. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in every area of obtaining a high-quality kitten. i HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE! Thank you very much!!

Sandra Foley / Satisfied CUstomer

Finding a Siberian kitten for my son in the NH area proved very difficult, so I started an online search for a reputable company, landing at Kitty Spty Ltd. I picked out a pup & easily put in his reservation. I received quick communication via phone and email and was able to schedule his arrival on a weekend. He was flown into an airport about an hour from home and delivered directly to my home in a pet carrier that had some of his current kitten food brand & his vet/health information.

Jerry Degregorio & Son / Satisfied Customer

We purchased Luka from Kitty Spty Ltd around 8 years ago because I am allergic to cats. I take allergy medication on a daily basis. I ran out of medicines recently and went a week without them. I’ve never had an issue snuggling with him every day, even when I wasn’t on medicines. The best decision I’ve ever made.

Adrienne Ramson / Satified Customer

My wife and I are allergic to cats and dogs to the point of death. We discovered Siberians ten years ago and bought one from Kitty Spty Ltd., followed by another kitten eight years later, and now another another kitten three months ago. If we pet them and then rub our eyes, we can still have a mild reaction. Almost imperceptible! It’s really worthwhile to have them in our lives!

Carlos Deleon / Facebook

My Wife and I have extreme allergies to cats and dogs. We found out about Siberians and purchased one from Siberi 10 years ago, then another kitten 8 years ago, and now another kitten 3 months ago. We can still have a very minor reaction if we pet them and then rub our eyes. Barely noticeable! Well, worth having them enrich our lives!

Albert Kincaid / Customer

Working with Kitty Spty Ltd was a breeze throughout the adoption process! He went to great lengths to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. From the beginning, our little Calypso is really affectionate and gentle. Not to mention in peak physical condition! If you’re seeking to adopt a Siberian Kitten, these are the people to contact!!!

Chales Jasper / Facebook

We were lucky enough to buy Kessy from Kitty Spty Ltd in February last year, kessy has been a blessing and added to our family. We are amazed at how fast Kessy is growing! Kessy loves his cuddle time with Momma and playing with his big Brother Whiskey! It continues to be a pleasure to speak with Shuller with questions or seeking advice! We highly recommend Kitty Spty Ltd

Mark Jance / Facebook

I have been quite happy with the baby boy I bought from you since two years. I am pleased to tell you that he is still with me and doing fairly well as a senior. I don’t know how many parents send you their feedback but I just wanted you to know how special he has been to me and my family for the months. I recommend Kitty Spty ltd. Thank you again!!!

Tracy Guitar / Satisfied Customer

From beginning to end it was a wonderful experience. I was kept informed of what was happening and what to expect. Everyone was so helpful and it was obvious that they all cared about the kitten’s safety and well-being as well as me and my family. though thwre was a delay but finally our baby came home thank you so much

Maddy Will / Facebook

I would like to thank you for our beautiful little girl. We had just lost our Ragdoll and weren’t sure about Kitty Spty. I am glad we made the right decision. Sandy is a very nice kitten and is very smart. My husband has a brain injury and is in a wheelchair. She knows there is something wrong with him and follows him all over the house. When she hears the wheelchair turn on she goes running to him. When he coughs she will run and get me and then runs back to him. She is such a joy to have around and these guys keep in touch to make sure everything is going smoothly. Kitty Spty comes highly recommended by other breeders and he is very good at what he does and it shows in his kittens. I would recommend Kitty Spty to anyone looking for a new addition to their family.

Mark Jance / Facebook

When we decided to bring another furry addition to our family we knew we wanted another cream-white cat, as we currently have an 11-year-old Yellow Lab. We did much research and found Kitty Spty to be the best with all the testimonials, and reviews. When we first contacted them, the way he presented himself and his cats was very heartwarming. This gave us so much joy and great respect for them so much. If we asked him questions through email he was prompt and thorough in every answer, and patient too. We are happy for 8 months now we recommend Kitty Spty.

Tracy Guitar / Satisfied Customer

I am happy to report that Kitty Spty has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is one of the most affectionate and cuddly cats I’ve ever had! He is super intelligent which made training so easy for us. I definitely recommend anybody who’s interested in getting a kitten to get it from Kitty Spty. He takes care of his cats very well and it’s worth shipping a cat from them. These breeders are amazing!

Margarita Fomby / Satisfied Customer

My family and I bought Marlow from Kitty Spty in May. We knew right away, that we were buying a cat from a reputable breeder. The cats were well taken care of and Kitty Spty was extremely knowledgeable. Kitty Spty answered all of our questions and continued to keep the lines of communication open after we brought our little girl home. We recommend Kitty Spty to everyone looking for a Siberian kitten.

Paola Davidson / Satisfied Customer

Hello Kitty Spty, Hope everything is well. My family and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the newest addition to our family, Eco. He is an amazing companion (8 months old now), very playful and energetic, friendly, and sociable. My daughter now calls him her little brother. No surprise there as he is excellent with kids. As well, thank you for all the support and for answering all our questions and emails in such a timely manner. It’s not always easy to know what to do as first-time kitten owners but it helps a lot to know that we have you as a great resource. These are just a few of the reasons that make us recommend Kitty Spty and their services.

Carrie Mendes / Satisfied Customer
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